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How to Improve Cold Prospecting Results By 10X

I recently spoke with one 7-figure-revenue business owner.

And here’s what he said about his cold prospecting strategy:

He hired two graduates fresh out of college and tasked them to get his team appointments.

They worked for eight months and they quit. They got 3 appointments.

Then he hired another “experienced” person with outbound skills. It’s been 2 months, and he seems to be struggling. He’s got 3 appointments.

So for 10 months, this business got 6 appointments.

And must have spent what will be in the region of $64K – $84K. This does not even include the overhead of the time invested in training and benefits.

I know, such an ROI is very low.

This is why we’ve put together a free ebook with some of the most powerful prospecting techniques we know report.

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10 Ways to Improve Cold Prospecting Results By 10X

The purpose is to help you avoid such poor cold prospecting results.

There may be at least one of three reasons why you’re should read the free report:

  1. You’ve tried cold prospecting the past but it didn’t seem to “work”
  2. You currently do cold prospecting but want to get better results
  3. You’ve never tried cold prospecting – but you’re curious if it can work for you


In this free ebook, you learn about:

  • The Rule of One and its impact on cold prospecting
  • Setting Activity-Based Prospecting Goals (including key metrics)
  • How to avoid prospecting research that doesn’t produce any results (hint: 3 Part Framework)
  • A technique Oscar-winning actors and actress have in common with top producing prospectors
  • The unsung hero of vulnerability (with scripts to use)
  • And many more…