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The $0 Video Marketing Strategy | Chris Vaglio

Chris Vaglio is the co-founder of Grey Sky Films which is one of the leading video production companies in the NJ and NYC area, helping individuals, businesses and brands create content for the web, broadcast, corporate, sales, training and more. Today, we’re talking...

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Your prospect didn’t show up. Now what?

You work hard and schedule a meeting with your dream client. She accepted the calendar invitation. You’ve spent several hours researching and preparing for the meeting. It’s 30 mins before the meeting, and you’re confident, "this will be a good conversation." You’re...

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How to Find the Email of Your Next 6-Figure Client

The great thing with cold emails is that when they are well thought out, they become terrific 1:1 channel for engaging with the prospect. No gatekeepers. Directly into prospect’s inbox. The challenge: finding the valid direct email of the decision maker. I’ve used a...

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How to Research More Sales Leads in Less Time

Here are few questions for you: Is it important to research individual accounts and decision makers before you call? Does that research increase your appointment setting success overall? Or is research just a waste of time and only slows you down? [learn_more...

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