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I had a call with one business owner recently. She’s been in business for 25 years. That’s a quarter of a century!

She told me, “If I had to do it all over again, I will not be a business owner”

Deep down she felt lost. She had started her business to gain freedom (and profits) to pursue what she loves doing.

But now it all seemed she’s created a prison, serving the death sentence by few big, obnoxious clients she has.

I felt pain thinking about her.


Can you imagine this?

Imagine you never have to be a slave of the one big customer who jerks you around all the time.

Imagine you never have to stress about where you’ll get your next client.

Imagine you never have to become desperate about one sales opportunity because “that’s all you’ve got.”

Imagine getting consistent and predictable high-value leads every week.

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll have to focus on doing what you love every day.

Her pain inspired me to never hold anything back.


Lead Generation Masterclass: Cold Email

That’s why, today, I’m launching my new video course: Lead Generation Masterclass.

If you want to regain the freedom (and profits) you dreamed of…If you want to escape the prison of depending on a few big clients (and attract higher-paying clients by the dozen)…

Then this course is for you.

In this course, I’m not holding anything back.

I share all the failproof, piece-by-piece cold email techniques I’ve used to generate over 7 figures in sales opportunities.

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In today’s special episode, I share a free lesson from my new video course: Lead Generation Masterclass.

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In this special episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to think and write cold emails like a professional copywriter
  • How to top 3 barriers to persuasive cold email copy
  • How to develop cold email scripts that get opened, read and responses

The free in this episode is from our new course, Lead Generation Masterclass. Use this link (and code “PODCAST” at check out to get 70% off): https://courses.katallyze.io/p/cold-email-lead-generation-masterclass/

In this course with over 50 video lessons, I’m not holding anything back.


In the course, you will learn how to:

🔑 Improve Your Cold Email In Less Than 30 Minutes
🔑 Instantly Hit Your Lead Generation Goals With The Failproof Technique
🔑 Win Your Dream Clients With The “Magic” Blueprint
🔑 Research More Leads In Less Time
🔑 Slash Your List Building Time By 50% Without Spending A Dime More
🔑 Think And Write Cold Emails Like A Professional Copywriter
🔑 Write Cold Emails That Open The Floodgates Of Sales – Even When You Sleep
🔑 Launch Successful Cold Campaigns With A Detailed, Step-by-step Breakdown

I share all the failproof, piece-by-piece cold email techniques I’ve used to generate over 7 figures in sales opportunities.

Enroll here: https://courses.katallyze.io/p/cold-email-lead-generation-masterclass/

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