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AGM Gets 10 Meetings in 15 Days

About Abraham Global Marketing (AGM)

AGM is a Social Media Marketing company specializing in LinkedIn Marketing and Training. They help small and mid-sized businesses understand LinkedIn as a business building tool and help them leverage the platform to grow their business. AGM’s team works with clients through group trainings and workshops, one-on-one coaching and structured marketing initiatives.


Marketing and Advertising


Kearny, New Jersey

The Challenge

AGM has had much success with growing their business through inbound strategies, attracting prospects through social media channels and publishing insightful blog posts.

However, AGM’s leadership in the saturated social media space also means it has to be keen on exploring alternative approaches to compete for attention and connect with new industries who will benefit from its services.

In order to find new channels of growth and generate quality awareness through its flagship webinars, AGM came to Katallyze to launch a new lead outreach program.

The Solution

Katallyze, equally committed to AGM’s goal of offering value, created and launched an exclusive outreach campaign targeted at C-level leaders at targeted enterprises.

Using the proven process including hyper-targeted custom research and advanced software, Katallyze set the project out with one goal: to get decision makers to attend AGM’s informative webinar about using Linkedin to grow business.

Days of Campaign

Decision Makers Connected


Qualified Meetings


The Results

AGM came to Katallyze to drive attendance to its webinar. In just under 15 days, AGM connected with 85 targeted decision makers and got 10 attendees to its webinar.


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