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Find the #1 Rule of Sales Calls

There is one way you know you’re losing the deal in a sales appointment. Learn this rule to close faster.

5 Groups of Important Questions

Learn the key 5 types of questions and how you can align them with the sales conversation to get the most out of appointments.

21 Questions to Get Deals

Reflect on these questions, understand their intents and value, and apply them in the right context.

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What You Will Learn
Questions are the fastest way to close deals
Find the #1 Rule of Sales Calls
Bad questions can backfire and lead potential customers to lose interest in your product or service. Good (even great!) questions can truly help close more deals in less time.
5 Groups of Important Questions
Use these questions immediately. Feel free to use them as and when they make sense in your sales call. You’ll find that you could use more than one in any particular call.
21 Questions to Get Sales Deals
Whenever you feel you’re losing track of the sales call, pause and ask a powerful question. It sounds counterintuitive. You may assume that you take instant control of a sales call by talking all the time. No. This ebook will show you why!
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Asking questions is the fastest way to close more deals!

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