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What We Do

B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services

Custom Research and Database Building Solutions

We will work with you to identify, research and build a targeted database of prospects

Outbound Email Lead Generation Solutions

We will develop, launch and manage cold email campaigns that establish trust and get appointments

Cold Calling Appointment Setting Solutions

Our experienced team will cold call your prospects with maturity and generosity to consistently get you appointments

Outsourced Sales Team/ VP Sales Solutions

Our team will use its 30+ years combined sales experience to strategize, prospect, negotiate and even close deals for you

Custom Research and Database Building Solutions

If your organization is ready to proactively reach out to potential customers, here’s what this strategy phase will do for you:


Define the exact description of your target prospects



Get unique insights about your prospects from our researchers



Use verified contact information to start getting appointments

Don’t buy a generic list.

Our custom researched and targeted list of contacts and accounts can help you reach out with confidence and start conversations with insights.

Our unique methodology combines human diligence with artificial intelligence to deliver the most up-to-date insights for your outreach.

Outbound Email Lead Generation Solutions

Once you’re ready to connect with your high-value prospects, here’s what this outreach solution will do for you:


Craft Emails

Use our proven process to craft personalized emails that establish trust

Launch Emails

Cut through the email clutter, so prospects “know, like, and trust” your company


Generate Interest

Fill your inbox with hot B2B leads, interested and ready to speak with you

Develop, launch and manage email campaigns.

In this execution phase, we focus on quality over quantity. Each email is crafted with generosity and thoughtfulness. And delivered with a proprietary technology that sends and follows up like a human. This means we can scale your outreach.

Our unique process of connecting and starting meaningful conversations is based on over half a million cold emails.

We have delivered up to 60 appointments monthly from cold emails for some of our customers. But we don’t stop once we hit send. We monitor, improve and manage the campaign for you.

Cold Calling For Appointment Setting Solutions

Nothing beats a brave phone call to a high-value prospect. “But I don’t have the time or skills,” you might say. Here’s what this appointment setting solution will do for you:

Establish trust

Use our team of matured and experienced appointment setters to represent your brand

Stay top-of-mind

Become the preferred partner for your prospect by staying “top of mind”

Get appointments

Gain a time-tested predictable system for getting appointments every week!

Focus on doing what you love.

In this execution phase, we do what we love to do most: cold call and follow up with high-value prospects. Let us do the work you might not like or don’t have time for. You just take the appointments.

Our commitment to cold calling has enabled us to get over 1,000 appointments for our customers. We are professionals who represent your company in a matured way.

To help us deliver this solution we learn as much about your product or service in order to exchange value for the appointment. We don’t sell your product. We get you the appointment, you do the sales.

Outsourced Sales Team/ VP Sales Solutions

You started your business because you want to do what you love. Not spending time hiring, training, managing, compensating, firing a sales team. Here’s what our all-in-one solution can do for you:

Experienced team

Get our dedicated team led by an experienced team leader to review and create a sales strategy to reach your goals

Strategy & execution

Use our performance-based sales team to fully implement and get you sales

Increase sales

Grow your sales without increasing head count and overhead costs

Benefit from 30+ years sales leadership.

In this partnership solution, we become your sales department. Our 30+ years experienced team and leaders will develop a sales strategy that aligns with your goals. And we’ll execute on it for you!

Our weekly meetings and daily updates with you will ensure that we stay on track and get you the results that matter. We take full responsibility of your whole sales cycle. We’ll also implement tools and systems that can help you scale your business.

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