Case Study

Cueniverse Gets 7 Meetings and 20 Interests from Decision Makers in 30 Days

About Cueniverse

Cueniverse is a custom music agency that offers licensed and original music for TV, film, and brands through its proprietary online platform. They are a group of musicians, composers, and music leaders in the music industry that work together to provide creative music solutions.


Apple, HBO, MTV, NBC, BuzzFeed


Music Licensing and Production


New York


The Challenge

Cueniverse has scored music for 500+ television shows and their platform offers the best value in the marketplace because it combines value, originality and quality with supporting independent producers.

However, Cueniverse’s product quality also means it needs to consistently cut through the marketplace clutter, connect with the right decision makers, and add value through meaningful conversations.

In order to find, connect and meet with the right decision makers, at the right time – and bridge the gap between marketing and sales – Cueniverse came to Katallyze to launch a new lead outreach program.

The Solution

Katallyze created and deployed a value-based and personalised lead outreach program.

Katallyze combined its proven process of custom lead research, use of advanced software and pure diligence from the team.

The goal: generating genuine interests in Cueniverse’s product and meetings with targeted decision makers.

Days of Campaign

Decision Makers Connected


Interested Decision Makers


The Results

With this approach, Cueniverse is able to focus on having meaningful conversations with the right decision makers, while Katallyze generates predictable meetings.

Before Cueniverse began with Katallyze, 0% of their pipeline was outbound. In just 30 days with Katallyze, Cueniverse connected with 114 hyper-targeted decision makers, generated quality interests from 20 and got 7 meetings – more than 1,000% ROI in sales opportunities.

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