Cold Email Mastery Course
Counter-intuitive tactics for getting more appointments and sales using cold emails

What Will I Learn?

5 Irrefutable Elements for Writing Cold Emails

Learn how to write compelling email that gets responses and appointments.

Keys to Researching 10x Leads in Less Time

Learn how to avoid the “researching prospect” trap by building a scalable research system

Techniques for Getting Cold Emails Into Prospects’ Inbox

Learn how to bypass spam filters without compromising compliance to legal regulations

10 Tactics To Implement Before You Hit “Send”

Learn the advanced cold email tactics to enable your get high responses

Follow-Up Tactics to Supercharge Results

Learn how to follow-up like a professional, without appearing desperate

How to Lock Down First Appointments

Learn the exclusives hacks and techniques to book the first appointments


Forget the online pundits who give cold email advice they themselves don’t take! This is NOT your typical fluffy, superficial course (and not just because it’s 100% free for you).

This course is built on counter-intuitive tactics tested in over half a million cold emails.

This approach to using cold emails to get more appointments and sales goes against everything you think you know about cold emails.

Lessons via email

Each day for 7 days, you’ll receive a new lesson via email!
Nothing needed prior to taking the course. We will walk you through getting your cold email prospecting machine started

$1M+ With 500,000+ Cold Emails

We’ve generated over $1M in sales pipeline for several businesses using cold emails. We walk our talk. Learn our strategies.

500+ Sales Appointments

We’ve set over 500 sales appointments with C-Level decision makers. Cold email plays a huge part. This course shows how.

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