The great thing with cold emails is that when they are well thought out, they become terrific 1:1 channel for engaging with the prospect.

No gatekeepers. Directly into prospect’s inbox.

The challenge: finding the valid direct email of the decision maker.

I’ve used a lot of tools for finding emails.

Maybe 12 or 24 or even more.

The ones I find most useful are those that save me (research) time, makes it easy to copy or integrate into my CRM, and fairly priced.


There are several free ones that deliver this same utility. Here are the ones that I consistently use.



This is my favorite by far.

If you have a guess of the email or a variation you want to verify, simply go to the website, and type in that email address.

Within seconds, you will get results of whether it is valid or not.

Results come in red (not valid), yellow (maybe) or green (valid) colors. is free for individual email checks via the website.



While you need to have a guess combination of the email to use Mailtester, you only need the domain/website of the company in order to use Email Hunter.

Put in the domain and email hunter will produce email guesses that you can validate.

If you don’t see your contact’s email, you can use a combination of another deliverable email from the company domain.

Hunter also has a Google Sheets add-on.

So if you have a list of domains, you can use that to quickly produce verifiable emails. I sometimes double-check Hunter’s email with Mailtester, just to be safe


3) Clearbit Connect

This is a Gmail or Outlook extension that gives you a quick directory if you have a domain name.

It’s handy and gives you additional social insights when you connect your profiles.

This works great if you have a few established accounts that you want to research.



Sellhack works like The only thing is you get few free searches per month.

You can verify a guess email you have, or even get emails when you have a domain.

I recommend this as a complement to the other free alternatives or when you only do few searches a month.



When you connect with someone on LinkedIn, you get their emails – either on their profile or using the download contact list function.

Note that you can only get the primary email they signed up to LinkedIn with – which might not be their business email.



This is a real gem if you’re going after small business owners.

Go to the website, type in the domain, and scroll down to find “REGISTRANT CONTACT”.

If the domain doesn’t have website protection, you can easily find the phone number and email of the person who registered the website (usually the owner).


7) Google

If all else fails, our dear Google will always be there.

Here are some search operators that you can use.

  • [name] + email (or) email address
  • [name] + contact (or) contact information (or) contact me
  • + [name] + email
  • + [name] + contact
  • + firstname [at]


Now let’s go find them!